Chris, 39 years-old, 07/16/2012: Written in a very smart way. Love becomes easier to see, to experience, a relationship becomes...
* * * * Laura - A big thank you, this site helped me a lot.
 Keep steady
  * * * *  Flore I was sick of going through men. I found that the approach was much more "enlightening" than a book on the subject. I was quite shaken up at the beginning but it's what I needed to hear in order to stop making mistakes. So watch out, it shakes you up!
 Effective method
* * * * Paul  I want to get behind this method!  Absolutely true, it works .... Congratulations
 Expect the unexpected
* * * * Carine, 39 years old : This method was a great adventure for me, a 38 year old, single women with no children.  A year later, I find myself pregnant with a man I love, and every part of Florence’s program really helped me get there. Thank you.
 Eye-opening experience
* * * * Karl, 35 years-old, 04/17/2012: "It opened my eyes and I met someone that I would not have been able to keep before. This method doesn’t require extraordinary willpower.”
 Love...just around the corner
* * * * Chris, 39 years-old, 07/16/2012: "Written in a very smart way, and easy to understand. And everything becomes clearer. Love becomes easier to see, to experience, a relationship becomes..."
 Beautiful results
* * * * David, 35 years-old, 01/09/2012: "This program produced beautiful results for a close friend of mine so I bought it too; it is step 3 that made everything change in my..."
 It changed my love life
* * * *  Kate, 42 years-old, 03/21/2012: "The approach is quite powerful. Plenty of tips and exercises to stop trying what isn't working and get more positive attention. I love it! It changed my love life...”
 The power of love
* * * *  Dan, 44 years-old, 09/01/2012: "It hit me like a weapon of mass love reconstruction!" 
 Advice for starting from zero
* * * * Jack : After my divorce, this method allowed me to believe in sincere, intimate love again.  Quite concrete and relevant exercises that I liked working and even re-working on! 
 I feel closer to my partner
* * * * Susan Thanks to your 5 booklets, I managed to take a step back from my relationship and ask myself a lot of questions.  After that, I felt more intimate with my partner, and I  trusted our relationship more.
 I was being too nice...
* * * *  Daniel : I was too nice, so I was always ‘the good friend’.  I think kindness is one of the lost noble qualities to have, and I didn’t want to change this about me.  And yet…I was really tired of only building friendships with women.  I had many relationships, but they always ended with, “I’d rather have you as a friend,” “It’s not you, I’m just not ready.”  I think that I really opened my eyes thanks to this program.  I understand that I wasn’t making any distinction between a friendship with a woman and a relationship with a woman I was attracted to.  Here are the exercises that helped me: I forced myself out of my comfort zone; I had to talk about myself.  And honestly, when I let myself come out of my shell a bit, I realized I was creating desire.  It was in this way that I figured out how to pick up on the signals women were giving off in order to create spontaneous, genuine moments, all the while staying natural.  I came to really appreciate these experiences, and it was rewarding to see the results.  It’s a shame, because I’m 36 years old and I could have made the most of such experiences long before now.  Changing the way I interact with women was an eye-opening move for me.
 I had never had any problems in love...
* * * * Charlotte : I’m a woman who never had any particular problems when it came to my love-life.  I was having fun with the flings I was having: 6 days, 6 months or 6 years. Then, after a really great relationship, I went through a super long single-phase without really understanding why.  I only had one crush during this period, and it wasn’t reciprocated – apart from that, there was nothing on the horizon, romance-wise.   My sister told me: "stop listening to your girlfriends when they tell you that you’ve got everything it takes to get guy, what you need to concentrate on is finding the right guy.” The truth is that it doesn’t work like that, and you can’t waste all this time because you want children.  I bought the booklets and I completely recognized myself in everything I wasn’t doing or everything I wasn’t doing anymore.  I think I was going through a mini-depression and it gave me a moral boost because I understood what wasn’t clicking in my attitude.  I started being a good listener, which is a very sensible thing to do and not that hard, and I started having comfortable and interesting conversations with guys with whom I was previously only exchanging casual ‘hellos’. Then it became a ‘virtuous circle’, I had more energy, I met someone great, and I did not let it pass me by this time.
 Great site
* * * * Olivia : Thanks a million, this site helped me a lot.
 Support for the program
* * * * PaulI want to support this method! Totally true, it works... Congratulations and thank you,
 You have to understand the method...
* * * *  Peter 50 y : Hi, I was pleasantly surprised by this method.  At first I found it hard to get going because you have to be willing to change things. Then I finally realized that the approach was really tailored to your own, individual personality, and that it wasn’t actually that difficult after all.  You just have to understand it.  It’s true that others open up to you in a more honest way when you’ve also changed your own disposition.
 Thanks for everything
* * * * Lisa, 43 y.    I became daring thanks to this method!