Auto-coaching exercises: explanation

Turn your love life around with the Love Intelligence exercises

An exercise = a sudden realization


The exercises truly ignite a romantic awakening

There are several categories of exercises:   

·        Some will allow you to mature emotionally

·       Others will help you identify what’s holding you back from feeling romantically fulfilled, or from starting relationships

·         Others will help you to attract the people you’re interested in,

·        And still others will make you truly aware of the path to take in order to increase the intimacy between you and your partner


How many exercises are necessary in order to really understand and master each step?

For each step, there are between 6 and 10 exercisesto complete, (and there are 5 steps in total).  

How do you get started?

All of the exercises can be found in the booklets, as well as in the Members Only Zone.  The latter is a private, personal resource you can use ask Florence and her team all of your questions if one of these exercises (or your personal life) is puzzling you. 

What else is there in the booklets, (besides the exercises)?

Florence’s entire approach in the form of practical advice, so that you can go from being single, (or in a complicated relationship), to being in a happy couple.

Why do you absolutely have to read the advice?   

Because you’ll benefit from the most solid advice gathered from Florence’s in person coaching sessions – advice that Florence noticed brought on little inner transformations.   Florence is so accustomed to the universal impediments in the way of ‘fulfilled love lives’ (whether it be how do I meet the right people? Or, how can I fix a relationship that’s going in circles?…), that she brings you her entire practical method, which inspires sudden realizations - the springboard to a complete transformation - in her 5 booklets…so that your love life can evolve at lightning speed.

Love is magical, and so is the feeling of meeting the right person.  It’s up to you now, with the help of the method, to combine all of the ingredients that lead to love!