Florence Escaravage

Florence Escaravage wished to make love coaching a more professional and serious enterprise.

She is passionate about the dynamics of love and relationships.  Based on her years of experience as a relationship counselor, she has crafted a practical guide for finding and maintaining romantic relationships. Florence’s method is now recognized in Europe and America for its effectiveness and accessibility. 

Not having the time to see everyone that wished for a consultation, Florence was encouraged to write an easily accessible handbook for anyone interested in finding love.  This is her unique Love Intelligence method, which is based on a series of written question and answer exercises.


Read more about the innovative Love Intelligence exercises.


Florence is also the author of two books that deal with the subject of love and attraction:

·        The French edition of Flirting for Dummies, First Editions, January 2012.

·        The French edition of  Relationships for Dummies, First Editions, January 2010.


Noteworthy Events:                                     

  • Florence was featured in an exhibition at the Georges Pompidou museum in Paris: Portraits de Femmes Passionnées ('portraits of passionate women'), 2009.
  • Florence was invited as a guest speaker on France Info’s presentation of “Exceptional Women”, February 14th, 2010.
  • Several programs have been dedicated to the Love Intelligence method, where Florence takes questions from the audience.
  • A full documentary about Florence aired on French national television (channel France 3).
  • Florence has been invited to give various conferences, including at the the store Fnac in Paris, near the station Saint Lazare.
  • Florence is in the process of writing material for the TV series, "Love Coach".