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Do we need to separate?
This is not a decision to be taken lightly, given the repercussions on you and your family.  It’s best to think about it in terms of five key themes, when you’re feeling calm! It’s essential not to regret your choice afterwards and to have done your best to save the marriage.  When you have the right answers, you can make your decision in peace without changing your
Get back your ex!
1) The goal of getting back an ex isn’t to ensnare them in your past relationship, but rather to create a new relationship.  Don’t talk about the past: they need to rediscover your personality, and you need to show them that you’ve changed.  For example, if you split up because of jealousy issues, show them that you’ve worked on this (without being dir
'Silent treatment' from ex
Does your ex not want to hear any mention of you? Have they cut off all contact?  Don’t know how to take this extreme reaction?   Do you want to see them again?  Do you want to reinitiate contact because you still love them but you don’t know how to go about it?    Want to know if it's really over?  Read the Finding love
Essential Online Dating Profile Tips
This guest post is by Jo Campbell, Community Manager at The Dating Genie, helping singles find the best online dating site for them. Joining online dating sites is a great way to meet potential matches, but it does have one very daunting part: writing messages to people you don’t know.
Are you approachable to guys?
A problem we encounter time and time again in Love Intelligence is women, often well put together and impressive, finding that they seem to intimidate men rather than attract them.

1.      Own your personality This is the big one: own your own your personality. Prove to the world or to your partner that you’re not just a pretty

Step 4: How do I meet interesting people?
Don’t leave love to chance. There is a lot you can do to give yourself the best chance of meeting someone. The most important: changing your mindset. Get into the right frame of mind to allow new people in. There are potential partners all around you – the right attitude will let you see them. As well as becoming more perceptive of those around you with whom you have a r
Step 1: Am I free from my past?
Luck has nothing to do with love – it is a question of Love Intelligence! Finding the man or woman of your life comes down to just 5 simple steps. We begin Step 1 by asking the question “Am I liberated from my past?” Fall in love and stay in love : it’s all about letting yourself being surprised by love and moving forward with a light heart. The first obstac
Why do I keep falling in love with gay guys?
Sometimes we know, sometimes we don’t, but some of us seem to have a thing for falling for gay guys.                 The “gay best friend” may be a stereotype, but the fact remains that gay guys and their straight female friends often have a particularly close bond.
Step 2: Who can make me happy?
Luck has nothing to do with love – it is a question of Love Intelligence! Finding the man or woman of your life comes down to just 5 simple steps. Step 2 is all about activating your perfect match detector.   It is difficult to find love when you don’t know WHO you are looking for When we don’t know what kind of person can make u
The (Almost) Perfect Couple in 2014: 7 good resolutions!
Find out how to get your relationship newly blooming – pleasure and peace of mind guaranteed! “Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.” Pierre Theilhard de Chardin   “ You”
Love after 50
Yes, it is!  Being single after 50 isn’t the end of the world!  Meeting someone is all about how you act around new people.  Remember, this takes effort!  You have to get out of our comfort zone so you can approach new people – if not, nothing’s going to happen.   Getting yourself in a good state of mind will only increase your chances of getting
Beauty: the key?
This one may be the most inaccurate. Some people are really good-looking according to commonly accepted standards of beauty, but nevertheless, they’re 100% single. On the other hand, some people who may possibly be considered physically unattractive are in very happy relationships.  Conclusion?  When you’re “beautiful”, people may be more easily and naturally a
Love is magic
This is the number one completely wrong commonly held belief about Love! Of course, chance has a big part to play when it comes to romantic relationships, BUT you can force the hand of destiny! By ‘forcing the hand of destiny’, we mean priming the pump so you can meet people you really click with and consequently quickly find your Mr. or Miss Right. To do so, you must be co
Do opposites attract?
It’s a common belief that people look for partners with different but compatible differences.  Two ‘opposites’ may compensate for one another, much like two pieces of a puzzle fit together – they each have too much of what the other is lacking.  For example, if you’re shy and introverted, you may be attracted to someone loud and extraverted.  If you&
Do soul mates exist?
The idea that each of us has a soul mate goes back as far as Plato.  Many have long believed that each person has their other half that they were tragically torn away from.  Without this part of us, we feel incomplete and lonely, and spend the better part of our lives looking for the person we think can bring us fulfillment - that special someone.  Often, the search remains fruit
Love is self-evident
You’ve just told me that love is self-evident, no need to look for it, you’ll stumble across it….by doing this, you’ve taken the first step towards your romantic awakening! I know this issue very well; it’s a question I’ve often encountered during my coaching sessions.  You consider love to be something unforeseen that comes when we least expect it&
Love is passion
You’ve just told me that, for you, love must be passionate and intense, if nothing else! You want to understand…by doing this, you’ve taken the first step towards your romantic awakening! I know this issue very well; it’s a question I’ve often encountered during my coaching sessions.  You’re starting to believe you’ll never find the ‘rig
Is love at first sight real?
Maybe you exchanged a hurried smile on the way to work, some casual small talk in line at Starbucks, perhaps a covert glance as you ordered lunch…you don’t even know the person, and suddenly you feel giddy, nervous, distracted…you feel in love.  The problem?  Your heartthrob has disappeared into the crowd, long gone, leaving you with no way to contact them. &nb
In love
A D-Day Love Story
As we commemorate today the 70th anniversary of the arrival of the Allied forces in Normandy on Omaha beach on June 6 1944, there is another aspect of the war we want to show you: that of the love that was born between two people from countries as culturally different as they were geographically apart, but brought together by war. He, John Roman, was a young American who’d signed up t
Is it time to cohabit?
Living together is a lot different from dating. Indeed, when you are dating it is still easy to make sure to be at your best all the time you see each other. But when you live together you experience each other at your best, but also at your worst. Given all those aspects, when is cohabiting a good idea?   -         When you’ve date
Couple vs Recession

A recent study showed that in times of economical crisis, paradoxically, the dating industry tended to thrive. Why so? Well, being in a couple as opposed to being single makes you less worried about the future, but also, practically, reduces the costs of your everyday life such as rent, electricity, bills etc.

So is the couple a useful tool in times of crisis

Are we compatible?

For a relationship to be healthy and long lasting there needs to be compatibility between the two people.

We are going to determine the must have qualities that are necessary in a compatible relationship. These are the keys for your relationship to last and be fulfilling.



The first nec

Can you make someone fall in love with you?
Love cannot be calculated Nobody in this world can control their feelings for other people. You can’t decide to fall in love with someone. The only thing you can do is create the necessary conditions for magic to happen. Read about the 5 keys to find love. We all know men and women who think that they can create love with the person of t
“Does he really love me?”
In order to find out whether or not your partner is in love with you, you need to pay attention to the smallest details. Try and remember that women are generally more demonstrative than men and tend to show their true feelings more quickly. Men in love behave totally differently to women. They are more discreet, less overt. You need to be on the lookout for any word or movement that gives away
Reciprocal Love
To get her to fall in love, my approach consists of helping you to set yourself up for success, not by “hedging” your personality, thereby revealing another personality that just isn’t yours, but, on the contrary, by coaxing out everything about you that is touching, true, powerful, different. First, you must shine a positive light on your personality. Think har
Make the love last
After months, years, or even decades of being together…how can you keep the initial passion of a relationship alive?  How can you make the love last?  One of the hardest parts about making a long term relationship work is escaping the daily grind.  It’s all too easy to let you and your partner sink into a mind-numbing routine, one that drains the relationship of
Rushed relationship
Some people have trouble building a romantic relationship…why?  Because they get involved, and the fling takes off at lightning speed.  They’ve fallen for someone, a ‘love at first sight’, and they know in their heart of hearts that it can’t last.  So, why not make the most of it while it’s still good?  But these intense relationships, pr
Keep your man!
How can I make him or her fall madly in love? How can you surpass those first weeks or months when you’re in the beginning of a relationship?  What are the right attitudes to have from the start in order to build a solid basis for your relationship?     
Loving a married man
You’re madly in love, but here’s the hitch in the story, (it’s a pretty big one): The man is married or in a relationship. A question’s been haunting you more and more: should I break it off or keep going?  The Love Intelligence method will help you see things more clearly.  The first step, “How can I liberate myself from my past?” will help you mak
Declaring your feelings
The fear of failure or rejection pushes some people to never reveal their feelings.  They let great love stories pass them by, and what a shame! How, therefore, can you subtly reveal your feelings?  Never lose sight of the perspective that, in love, everything relies on that way you create a bridge between yourself and the other person, which is all explained in the Love Inte
Lack of self-confidence
Step 3: What makes me unique?
The first question that comes into our minds when we are getting ready to go somewhere special is the following: “How can I dress to hide my faults?” We’ve all done this – but what Florence shows us in this step is that, perhaps subconsciously, we do the same with our personalities – When we ask “What will I talk about to seem interesting?” we are reall
Basics of seduction
Above all else, seduction is a message of well-being addressed to the world at large and to no one in particular.  Our powers of seduction stem ultimately from our way of looking at the world and reveal that we’re conscious of our strong points: it is here that ‘self-confidence’ is born.  Self-confidence is the key to a healthy, balanced relationship, and inspires in
Should I tell him...?
In an article published last year by Kristine Keller in Psychology Today, this NYU master’s student walks us through the benefits – and pitfalls – of spilling our guts, so to speak, to prospective partners.   4 fun tips on saying 'hi' to your crush
What Should I Hide?
When it comes to matters of the heart, should we try and ‘sanitize’ our first few dates with a crush? Or, on the contrary, should we try and be our true selves right from the beginning?  Florence Escaravage explains in her Love Intelligence method, (recently imported to the States from la belle France), why it’s be
Guys don't respect me because of my looks
We talk a lot about myths in the Method. A myth is a sort of belief we have set in our minds, something perhaps transmitted from generation to generation, meaning it can be very difficult to free yourself from their influence on your way of thinking. This is what we work towards in Step 1: Am I free from my past? To better und
Why am I still single ?
Love is, above all, acceptance and a willingness to be surprised. 95% of the causes of being single are due to a kind of behavior where you start to observe the other person. As a result, the other person will only reveal 10% of themselves. You are too focused on judgment, self-control, and expectations. Love is magical, but the magic only works if all the ingredients are there. For on
I won't find love soon
You’ve just told me that you don’t believe too much in love anymore.  You want to understand…by doing this, you’ve taken the first step towards your romantic awakening! I know this issue very well; it’s a question I’ve often encountered during my coaching sessions.  Because of deceptions and disillusionment, you have the impression that you&rsq
Relationship problems
Does having a baby ruin your relationship?
The arrival of a baby is always a radical change for the couple. It changes their lifestyle, their behavior as parents, their mindsets, and many other things. The child has always played an important role in its parents’ relationship, and today the spiritual and emotional aspect of this role is even stronger than before. When we speak of the changes that come about upon the arrival of
Our collective imagination tends to think that jealousy is an emotion attached to love. This romantic attitude towards jealousy, that it proves the intensity of our feelings for someone and our fear of losing them, is far from uncommon. But though we come across it time and time again it just doesn’t correspond with reality. The truth is that jealousy rather
The men who cheat on their wives – out of love!
Masculine infidelity causes a lot of women a lot of pain, but the men often have complex methods to justify their behavior. They don’t see things from the same angle as the rest of us – they might not even speak the same language… A question of perspective Men and women often have very different perceptio
Age Gaps in Relationships: the Pros and Cons
There are several advantages to being in a couple with someone who belongs to another generation. If you are the younger person in the couple you benefit from your partner’s maturity and life experience. This can be a great support in situations where your inexperience could otherwise lead you to mess up. Meanwhile, the older partner would be wrong not to let themselves enjoy the ener
A Relationship, an Age Gap and a Whole Lot of Obstacles
As the old saying goes, “love doesn’t have an age”, and here at Love Intelligence we would have to agree. There are clear advantages and disadvantages (perhaps it’s more accurate to call them obstacles) to succumbing to the charm of someone significantly older or younger.
My Husband is Gay!
Long held as a taboo and shocking subject, today homosexuality is more and more accepted in society. From gay pride and the legalization of gay marriage in some states and countries, for most of us, homosexuality is no longer an issue… except when we find it in our heterosexual relationship! According to numerous psychologists, the majority of homosexuals suspect that they are gay fr
Be the Virile Man Your Partner Needs
A virile man is a man who, by his words, actions and behavior, knows how to reassure his partner when she is doubting herself or going through a tough time in her life. Many aspects of daily life could require a man to reassure his wife or girlfriend: financial worries, workplace stress, problems in the home and with the children etc. In every instance, my advice is that if there is a probl
My sex life isn't enjoyable
Be aware that boosting your partner’s sexuality requires you to take all the necessary measures. In a couple’s sex life, more than in other areas, getting desire and sexual understanding to pick up speed is often a question of will power. Be imaginative and be sexier to get your sex life back on track—try unusual locations, surprises, body creams, candles, fragrances, music, m
Women in power
Okay, just two words: this one is totally wrong. There is indeed a problem when it comes to powerful women, but their power is not at the core of what’s disturbing men. Women of power (especially when it comes to their professional position) tend to behave in the same way at home as when they are in the workplace, where they may try to establish boundaries with regards to their m
Great Expectations
It’s true that having high expectations can sometimes be a good thing – it means that you won’t let any old person into your life.  But if you find yourself constantly single without really understanding why, your ‘Great Expectations’ might be at the heart of the problem.  
Unsure relationship?
How can you tell if the love is still there? You’ve been in a relationship for a while, and you’re starting to doubt your feelings for your partner.  Is this normal?  Does this have to be the end of your relationship?  Not necessarily, because, in the same way that it is healthy to ask yourself some questions, it is also healthy to take stock of your past romantic enc
Cheated on...
Have you found out that your partner is cheating on you, and you don’t know how to react?  The pain has taken over and you don’t know what to do? How can you keep your relationship together after an infidelity?  You have multiple options: you can forgive them and thus open up a dialogue with your husband/wife to overcome this trial together, or you can leave them if you ca
5 relationship mistakes
Certain flaws, even if they don’t seem as such, prevent beautiful relationships from taking off.  These faults can even be the cause of a break-up.  Is your partner distancing themselves without you really understanding why? What are the behaviors that push people away, the faults that you should completely eliminate to finally experience a fulfilling relationship? Love Intellig
On the rocks
How can you face your relationship issues? You're currently going through a difficult time with your husband/wife and you're looking for some solutions to settle this crisis or recover each others' affection ? The Love Intelligence program based on Florence Escaravage's method brings you some solutions to face up to your relationship problems and win each others' heart a
Your man is distant
If your man is distant, ask yourself where it’s coming from, what are the causes?  Do you feel that you can get him back, or does the problem go deeper? Check these 5 Damaging Myths about Men and Intimacy on Best of You Today to see if you've been caught up in common mis
What Women Want
Want to know what women really want? Who doesn’t? The secret is to remember that though the world around us has changed utterly since the days of the caveman, the things women look for in a man hasn’t – or at least not all that much.

For sure, a modern, sensitive man who can talk about his feelings is always going to go down well, but in the main, she is looki
Guys don't take me seriously
The best way to combat the myths men harbor about women is to really strongly express your personality. When it comes to your professional life (job interviews, meeting clients) or your personal interactions (dates, seduction), certain women find their good looks to be a real handicap. For more on these myths, check out Guys don&
Guys only like me for my looks
While we talk constantly of the tyranny of beauty in society and all the misplaced importance placed on appearances, we often ignore the fact that beauty itself can be a handicap, especially when it comes to love. As Baudelaire put it, “It’s such a difficult occupation, being a beautiful woman.” Many conventionally beautiful women complain ab
Single and happy?
Some people are truly afraid of solitude.  They think that they’ll be unhappy and that they need someone in their life.  Others are quite suited to being single, but because of their social status or (sometimes imperceptible) pressure from their family, they convince themselves that they have to be in a relationship.   
Get out there!
Have you had enough of going to dinner with your friends, all of whom are in relationships?  Do you never meet anyone new?  Is everyone already taken?  Well, don’t panic – the Love Intelligence method guides you by giving you ideas on how to increase your chances of meeting singles, according to YOUR environment and YOUR wishes.  You open up about what you like,
Sick of being single!
You’re on your own and unhappy, you’ve had enough of being single and of living your life solo – so it’s time to take matters into your own hands.  In order to do this, you must take the bull by the horns and confront your potential shyness. Dare to face up to your loneliness or your fear of love by taking some simple steps to saying goodbye to the single life forev
Ready to love!
Fear of love after a series of romantic disillusionments is understandable.  However, as Serge Gainsbourg said, “Life isn’t worth living without love.”   Why?  Because it’s thanks to this that we feel good, fulfilled and cherished.
Anything for a baby
You’re 40 years old, you’re single, no children, and your deepest desire is precisely to have your turn at becoming a mom.  We encounter this kind of case every day at Love Intelligence, and our job is to help you find the right person, especially even when you’re getting the ball rolling on your own side to “have a baby all on your own” or to adopt.  Ind
I'm impatient!
When it comes to love, impatience is one of the most powerful factors for ruining a relationship.  Where does this impatience come from, what kind of impatience does so much harm in a relationship, and how can we tone it down?    5 tips on taking it slow on Gal Time
Being single today
Over the course of the twentieth century, a revolution occurred in romantic encounters.  With the skyrocketing numbers of divorce and separations, single-parent families are more and more numerous.  Indeed, marriage is not an end in itself as was the case in the old days,  and singles have become more and more demanding, taking up the famous adage, “better to be alone than
Starting a new relationship
Step 5: Constructing a relationship that lasts
Falling in love and staying in love, is all about knowing how to let yourself be surprised by life and to move forward with a light heart. Secret no 5: adopt the right attitude, that which sets out the basis for a constructive relationship. This is at the heart of this last step. Discover the keys to create intimacy and the necessary complicity for your love t
Time to be monogamous?
Is it time to have a sexually and emotionally monogamous relationship with your partner?   What's so good about monogamy? It may not be very romantic, but one of the big advantages of being exclusive is that you can be much safer sexually than when both you and your partner have sex with other people. Equally, being monogamous works to allay some of the emotional risk invol
Sex: How soon is too soon?
There are no hard and fast rules here. Only you can decide when or when not to sleep with someone. If you want to have sex with someone just for fun, that’s up to you. Just make sure you take a moment to wonder if you are interested in a more long term relationship with your partner, and whether having sex so soon is the best way to achieve that. Do your best to look at the situation
Love at first sight
well well well…here we go again with the rom-com stereotypes! Leave them far, far behind you. A very high percentage of couples didn’t fall in love with one other at the same moment, let alone instantaneously. Falling in love can be a relatively long process. Love really means the feeling of wanting to share your life with someone you know intimately, someone very special to you. S
From friend to lover
How can you declare your ‘more-than-a-friend’ feelings for a pal without ruining your close friendship? What are the mistakes to avoid at all costs? The approach you choose will be decisive!  
Love at first sight today!
I’d like to show you that it’s not because love at first sight has something magical that it’s all about coincidence. Indeed, it also has to do with a very special alchemy which is only able to operate if both of the partners are in a specific frame of mind. If you are very willing to find love in 2013 so you have to understand what makes yourself in that frame of mind, and th
Telling a man 'I love you'
You may have just started a new relationship with a man. Or you love someone in secret. The fact is you merely want to tell him more about your feelings…but you don’t dare to let them out. Are you afraid of scaring him away? Do you fear to express what’s in your heart and mind? Do you doubt about the reciprocity of what you might have been so many times about to say? The grea