Should I stay or should I go?

This is not a decision to be taken lightly, given the repercussions on you and your family.  It’s best to think about it in terms of five key themes, when you’re feeling calm! It’s essential not to regret your choice afterwards and to have done your best to save the marriage.  When you have the right answers, you can make your decision in peace without changing your mind later. 

Read the Signs You Should Get a Divorce from Men's Health Now to clarify your situation.

Having doubts?

If you have doubts about wanting to divorce, perhaps you still have feelings for your partner.  You don’t know if the situation can really improve one day or if he or she can change for the better.  The Love Intelligence method will help you to see these issues clearly in order to better resolve your relationship problems, whether it's infidelity, the daily grind, disillusionment, the fact that you’re far from your children…

Someone who had bought the method was just recently telling me that they did so to save their marriage, and that, finally, after going through the steps, it became extremely clear to them that they absolutely shouldn’t be together. The opposite occurs just as often: people pick up on ideas that really structure their relationships in order to strengthen or recover them.  

Step 1 is the most important when in a moment of doubt concerning divorce.  It allows you to understand everything: the sources of your problems, how to get rid of them and how to feel ‘lighter’ in a relationship.  

Step 2 allows you to understand WHO can make you happy in the long run.  You will know in this way if the other person CAN help you come into you own…or not. 

Step 5 of the method allows one to (re)create a long term relationship using key advice from the auto-coaching exercises. from the Huffington Post

Read Questions To Ask Yourself Before Ending Your Marriage from the Huffington Post.

Know how to ask yourself the right questions: 

To start, here are some important questions when making the decision that could change your whole life:

- Do I still love my partner? (If this isn’t an easy question to answer, step 2 will help you.)

- Do you still do activities together, or is this the reason why you’ve grown apart? 

- How can I fix the situation? For example, by starting a dialogue.  Communication is the cement of a couple – do you two still manage to communicate?  (This is precisely the issue in step 4: recreating a connection and a dialogue!)

- Do you still go on romantic getaways to have intimate, private and special moments?

- Has your husband or wife cheated on you? Are you ready to forgive them? Do you know how? 

The Love Intelligence method can help you to stop going in circles and doing yourself harm.  Don’t lose time.  

If you’re considering a divorce, you should think long and hard before making your final decision.  There are many things to consider, and it’s always best to think about the issue when you’re feeling calm and have the time to give the issue your undivided attention. 

Preconceived notions

"Marriage leads to divorce!"

What you're saying

"Divorce is failure"

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