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I’d like to show you that it’s not because love at first sight has something magical that it’s all about coincidence. Indeed, it also has to do with a very special alchemy which is only able to operate if both of the partners are in a specific frame of mind. If you are very willing to find love in 2013 so you have to understand what makes yourself in that frame of mind, and then let us guide you.


Read a moving 'love at first sight' story in The Daily Mail...

I’ll let you know what I used to explaining everyday during my coaching sessions. I make you the promise that each person who becomes aware of how love works can reach a successful personal relationship and see a radical change for the rest of his/her lifetime. Through men and women statements I witness this kind of transformation everyday; that is to say that they feel again that particular emotion linked to real love and it happens because they suddenly behave differently. I’ll just talk to you about “love at first sight” with full knowledge of what it is. Moreover I’ll base the following article on some research particularly edifying and wealth of information.

Telling a man 'I love you'

From the heart

To prove you that you’re the only one to have control of your own destiny this year, I have to tell you about Professor Aron. When I founded Love Intelligence, one of my main motivations was to show that live a touching love story was only in YOUR HANDS. Luck has not very much to do with love. I have been interested by Arthur Aron’s work. He’s an eminent psychology professor at the University of Stony Brook located in the State of New York. I have totally agreed to his theory: Professor Aron has always been convinced that the process of love appearance wasn’t the consequence of destiny. According to him, it’s the sincerity you put in your exchange/interaction with the other person that provoke/ arouse love between two human beings. To put to the test his theory, Professor Aron made an experience known all around the word nowadays. He asked a hundred single men and women to be part of this very singular experience:

They were paired off, each partnership made of one man and one woman

He told them just to talk as most naturally as possible to each other, to truthfully speak from their heart. It shouldn’t have any taboo between them. The aim was for them to let the other person knows about their life course, their misfortunes, and their good fortunes…

Being open minded triggers love

And the magic happens, as we could read it in Princess and Prince Charming fairy tales of our childhood. 75% of the people who took part of this experience told that they felt a something that looked like love, even if it was just for a while/ it didn’t last for a very long time. Two duos are currently living a serious relationship. The greatest majority of the other are still good friends today.

That’s one of the five secrets I unveil through my Method:

It’s by letting other people see who we really are, by being the most sincere and authentic as possible and by revealing what belongs to us in a very unique way that we will succeed not be part of the mass but to distinguish ourselves. We’ll not get mixed up with a stereotype, and consequently we’ll deeply move the other. The person who we are talking to has thousand more chances to truly fall in love with who we are deep inside – and not with the person we seem or pretend to be. Why exactly? Because we allow emotions to freely circulate/ go around. And we can’t fall for someone without liberating a large range of emotions.

Display the heart of your personality

The second conviction I have concerning love is that you have to let people see who you are without constantly trying to be in control, to hold some aspects of your personality back. Like in Aron’s experience, it would allow you to free what’s unique about you. Consequently your target fall in love with you since all the spicy side of your personality will make you charming. If the person you like doesn’t fall for you it’s only because you don’t let your personality express itself freely enough. He/ she just can’t see what’s moving, and so endlessly attracting, about you. Show what’s different in you and makes you not part of the crowd. What’s the result? Everyone won’t be crazy about you (unfortunately…), but the people receptive to your personality won’t pass by your side ignoring you. Remember that when someone is receptive to you, there is no possibility for it to be a coincidence. Pay attention to this kind of people. Have a look at the 3rd step of the Method entitled “My seduction”.

Charm someone just for the pleasure of charming” is not the same as “Charming to build up a relationship”

Aron logically comes to the conclusion that attraction and love are not the same at all. Feeling attraction for someone else is more like a sensation, maybe even an emotion that captivates us and leads us irreparably to the chosen one. What we like in that case are superficial things, such as what he/she looks like, the way he/she behaves, his/her clothes, his/her ability to express his/her opinion in public or its discretion, and even his/her professional position… Therefore many people easily feel attracted by other people. What’s much more complicated is to make it last. What I used to explaining to people who have no difficulties to be charming but who merely don’t even know to create a real and lasting relationship, is that they have to play fair since the very first moment you meet somebody.

If it’s easy to you to get what “play fair” means in a seduction context, let’s read the 3rd booklet to understand it better and improve your way of charming women/men.

Love is a feeling, attraction might be an illusion

Love’s roots have for funding principles what’s more honest and deep between both partners. Getting the impression to have a privileged access to the other one inner self, your wish to be linked to him/her will appear more quickly and will be even stronger. This is where love at first sight comes really from according to our conception of it, here, at Love Intelligence. Love at first sight is the moment when you’re willing to fit this person in you personal life.

Attraction can be short-lived. “Different strokes, different folks”, you probably think. However you should try to go beyond appearances (being curious-minded, seeing what’s invisible for the eyes).

What I’m trying to pass on through my approach is:

1/An ability to come to be known as you really are

2/ Open-mindedness in to encourage the other one to confide in you-this way you’ll learn step by step how to towards more people and not only those that please you at first sight. Take away your blinders and give a chance to all the encounters life offers you.

Many of our clients found themselves falling in love with someone they wouldn’t have pay any attention to previously; and this is thanks to the method that they had been able to change their mind, their way of thinking about meeting people and having relationships. It’s essential to learn how to communicate authentically, and above all how to listen carefully. Let your hair down to really experience love at first sight.

I wish you’ll let me help you through my 5 step-method. My goal is that love comes to knock at everyone’s door. The fourth step of the method will give you hand to understand how to maximize your chances of meeting the “good” people, people whose personality fits with yours OPENING YOU MIND AND YOUR EYES ! You must know yourself first to not be fooled when it comes to love. This is the heart of my method, and especially of the third and fourth step of the program I established.

If you’re willing to know more about THE method to finding love and its funder, Florence Escaravage, please have no hesitation to visit our website: http://love-intelligence.com/

Preconceived notions

"Love at first sight only exists in mushy movies."

What you probably think

"Falling in love with someone instantaneously is merely not possible"

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