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You may have just started a new relationship with a man. Or you love someone in secret. The fact is you merely want to tell him more about your feelings…but you don’t dare to let them out. Are you afraid of scaring him away? Do you fear to express what’s in your heart and mind? Do you doubt about the reciprocity of what you might have been so many times about to say? The greatest advice we can give you since your relationship is pretty recent, is to be very cautious. It’s even truer when nothing has really started between you. It may be wiser to wait before getting into an impassioned declaration of love. This way you’ll avoid making your partner scared. It’s way much better to try looking for signs of his/her affection before freely expressing your feelings which are everything but trifling.

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Words to not trifle with


Saying “I love you” to the man or the woman you love implies very strong feelings and these words are to be taken as very worthy/valuable. These 3 words can make the person you’re dating kind of fearful. Florence’s method can help you to make your relationship move forwards, especially through the 5th step “How to build a long lasting relationship?”, without jump the gun. Don’t forget that men and women behave differently. Women tend more to quickly reveal what they feel when they’re in a relationship of trust. Men are more inflamed since the very beginning of the relationship, so they say “I love you” more easily during the first days after they have started seeing a girl…even though 3 days later it’s no longer true. But your situation is probably different.


How to make him/her like you? By revealing what is unique in your personality (3rd step of the method), and not by telling him/her too soon about how you feel about him/her. Try to make him/her understand what you think is unique, uncommon, mysterious about him/her.

Some advice

Loving someone and be willing to let him/her know

At the very beginning of a relationship, some behaviors have to be banned:
·         Saying “I love you” too quickly: you make the other person want to flee, and furthermore you’re establishing a useless awkwardness between you. It’s up to you to feel if both of you are in the same wavelength.
·         See each other all the time: it’s the best thing to do to cover up desire and finally take the risk to make the relationship struggle (you may disappoint the other person too and even establish a kind of routine since the beginning of your love story). Getting stuck to the other is not that blooming either for you and nor for your date. You must stay free and independent to maintain the tension needed to fall and stay in love (and for some people to avoid falling into an emotional dependence). Without any tension, love between 2 people just decreases.
Obviously we can’t make it a generality that a “fast-growing-feeling relationship” is toxic since some couples have been intimate since the beginning and still are today. But it’s finally very unusual to start a relationship being leech-like to each other and succeed to maintain it on the long-run without having one or the other partner a bit disillusioned with the time.
Where is your couple standing?
If you think that the other person is in love with you too, but that he/she is too shy on that subject, then it’s the perfect time to confess your love. Do not hesitate and have a try! However if you feel like your partner is kind of reserved, there must be a precondition: charm him/her before making a declaration. It’s the 5th step of the method: create closeness which makes both want to keep going this way. If your partner is not ready to receive all the love you wish to give him/her. The method’s aim is to help you in that sense, if you don’t know how to make your relationship progress
Essential keys to find love
Preconceived notions

"You should never tell a man you love him first"

What you probably think

"The most important is to behave in a way that display my afection"

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