Be subtle!

The fear of failure or rejection pushes some people to never reveal their feelings.  They let great love stories pass them by, and what a shame! How, therefore, can you subtly reveal your feelings? 

Never lose sight of the perspective that, in love, everything relies on that way you create a bridge between yourself and the other person, which is all explained in the Love Intelligence method.  Nothing is set in stone after only a few encounters.  You can change everything if you know how to initiate the kind of dialogue that makes the other person open up to you and take an interest.  And it’s only by instigating this kind of exchange that you’re giving it your best shot.


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In effect, the person has to be affected somehow by who you are, by what you give off.  To achieve this, you must reveal certain things about yourself that are really characteristic of your personality…without saying too much, either.

Use the method

You put everything into practice by creating this kind of disposition towards others (explained in these 3 steps), so that the person you’re attracted to reciprocates in turn.  So be careful and don’t be too direct in the beginning of the relationship.  You have to know how to stay mysterious and skillfully reveal your secrets and personal hobbies.  To love is to be ‘touched’ by someone.  Often, people have on too much ‘armor’.  So you interest the other person, but you don’t create emotion.  However, everybody has in them this capacity to touch the other, which is what I explain in this method.

Similarly, authenticity is the key to the vault of a beautiful relationship.  If you are natural and sincere (without for all that giving yourself away), if you know how to reveal what makes you unique, everything will go well and your relationship will have a true, solid base.  Step three of the Love Intelligence method, “How am I unique?”, will guide you in more strongly and authentically using your charm.  This is a necessary element in all romantic successes.

This method of auto-coaching will help you to deploy this exchange which is very favorable to the creation of the state of being in love.  Then, you can pluck up the courage to admit your love to the person you’re attracted to!

Budding relationships are always difficult to manage, which is why the Love Intelligence method can really bring you the help you want to dare kick off this exchange, spark a connection and open yourself up without stress.

Concrete advice? If you’re a little hesitant, you can always write a passionate love letter, or, a bit less romantic, a cute text or even an email.  But if you haven’t created enough intimacy prior to this exchange, you’re taking a risk.  This is an indirect way of knowing someone’s most guarded feelings, but the most important thing is that you ask them some key questions explained in the method that OPEN ONTO an exchange where each person trusts the other and opens up.

Preconceived notions

"You should always protect yourself in love"

What you probably think

"I'm too scared to tell him how I feel!"

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