What Women Look for in Men

Want to know what women really want? Who doesn’t? The secret is to remember that though the world around us has changed utterly since the days of the caveman, the things women look for in a man hasn’t – or at least not all that much.

For sure, a modern, sensitive man who can talk about his feelings is always going to go down well, but in the main, she is looking for someone who can take care of her, harking back to the things her ancestors needed a man to survive. So take this man-provider figure, add on some cuddly love stuff and modern quirks, and you’ve got the dream guy!

Let’s pick him apart – these are his 5 main qualities:


5 Main Qualities Women Want in a Relationship

1. A Provider

Women, even young women, are always thinking of their life ahead of them. When they meet a guy, they start asking things like, can this man give me financial security, is he someone who can take care of future kids we might have together?

Though the likelihood is that she will work as well, the modern woman keeps her eye out for a man of resources, who’s got his eye set on going somewhere. And the biggest killer of attraction? The answer – 110% – is lack of ambition. Men, get it together!

2. Love

Fair enough, huh? Love never goes out of style. This is the reason you are together after all. Make sure you don’t let her forget that she’s your special someone – flowers, words of affection, a quick squeeze around the waist – all these small gestures go along way. Women need constant proof that they are loved and being taken care of. Be thoughtful and warm.

3. Faithfulness

Your girlfriend wants to know that she is the one for you. She wants to be able to trust you. With faithfulness comes the promise that you will stick around and share your resources with her ’til death do you part. Remember that men and women experience being cheated on very differently. For a woman, her first worry upon hearing that her man has being seeing another woman is to wonder the extent to which they are emotionally involved – because men share their resources with the women they have feelings for. Women also don’t find it as easy to separate feelings and sex as men do – so even if he tells her, honestly, that it was just a hook-up, she might find it hard to believe him. Women need to know that their man is taking care of them and only them.

4. Good Sense of Humor

Men with a good sense of humor regularly top the lists of traits women look for in a man. When a woman laughs, her brain emits endorphins, chemical boosts that make her feel happy and relaxed, fights stress, and helps the immune system. Subconsciously, women know that palling around with a man who makes her giggle is good for her health and well-being. Humor is the absolute best weaponry in seduction.

5. Communication

Women need a man who can speak freely of their feelings, who isn’t afraid to share his deepest thoughts and worries. Intimacy is essential to creating the strong bonds a relationship needs to survive. Emotions need to be circulating freely so that both parties can feel the love.

If you’re a man who doesn’t love the idea of settling down for the evening to talk about his feelings with your loved one – don’t worry – just fake it ’til you make it! When you wife or girlfriend starts telling you secrets, just do what she does. This mirror effect creates a feeling of complicity, of intimacy, and eventually, you may just get so good at it, that communication becomes something you enjoy too!


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What Women Want
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