Sort it out

How can you face your relationship issues? You're currently going through a difficult time with your husband/wife and you're looking for some solutions to settle this crisis or recover each others' affection ?

The Love Intelligence program based on Florence Escaravage's method brings you some solutions to face up to your relationship problems and win each others' heart again.


Going through some tough times in your relationship?  You're not the only one!  Read about these celebrity on-again-off-again couples in The New York Daily News

Root of the problem

Where do all these tensions in your relationship come from? Some subjects such as money, jealousy, child rearing, family, hyperactive sexual desire... In those particular cases you should initiate dialogue with your other half to make the situation better. Everything goes through communication. It's the cement of a couple. Nothing is better than a constructive exchange about delicate matters. In order to get around to some sensitive topics when your partner isn’t in a talkative mood, the most important thing to do is to first show him/her that you're completely disposed to carefully listen to what he/she has to say. Secondly, you can let him/ her know that you're really trying to put yourself in your loved one's shoes.

The fifth step of Florence's method (“How to build a long lasting relationship?”), is meant to lead you to put up solid cornerstones in order to make your relationship authentic and sincere.

If you can't even talk to each other anymore and if you'd like to  run away from this situation, take your time before breaking up and regretting it afterward.

Florence's method's first step “Am I liberated from my past ?”, will help you to make a clear break with the past to move forward and build up the relationship that will satisfy you.

Florence's method will be able to help you sort out your relationship's issues through its auto-coaching program, made up of five steps. It has been established for people willing to regain more self-confidence and get the keys to win someone's heart in the long run.

If you need individualized support, Love Intelligence's coaches, are dedicated to helping you ! Different kinds of services are available: coaching by e-mail, by phone or face-to-face meetings.

Preconceived notions

"Oft repeated quarrels are a sign of an impending split"

What you probably think

"We don't take time for each other"

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