Pretty Hurts

We talk a lot about myths in the Method. A myth is a sort of belief we have set in our minds, something perhaps transmitted from generation to generation, meaning it can be very difficult to free yourself from their influence on your way of thinking. This is what we work towards in Step 1: Am I free from my past?

To better understand the solitude of the beautiful woman, Love Intelligence has set out the 5 persisting myths.

1. A beautiful woman is never single. It might seem incredible that people actually think this, but it’s true – lots of men seem to think it. When they see a particularly attractive women they imagine right away that she is in a couple with a man of equal attractiveness or at least with a man who’s a “somebody”.

2. She has many lovers and many more who’re lining up for the job. She attracts men like a moth to a flame. Consequently, the beautiful woman has an embarrassing richness of choice which she is only happy to make the most of! She is an unfaithful and untrustworthy seductress.

3. She’s an airhead! Only a few generations ago, a beautiful woman could only be an airhostess, schoolmistress or a secretary. Today this kind of myth persists in the idea that she loves shopping, make up and frothy novels more than anything else in the world. Basically, men often underestimate the beautiful woman.

4. She uses her appearances to get everything she wants and to climb the social ladder. Everything comes her way without her making any effort. Life is easy when you’re beautiful!

5. A beautiful woman doesn’t have the right to complain because she’s been lucky to be born pretty.

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Beautiful women have it easy

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