The best way to combat the myths men harbor about women is to really strongly express your personality. When it comes to your professional life (job interviews, meeting clients) or your personal interactions (dates, seduction), certain women find their good looks to be a real handicap. For more on these myths, check out Guys don't respect me because of my looks.

They feel objectified, reduced to just their appearance, with their personality and intellect overlooked. This fact is all the clearer in a professional setting where many women who enjoy having a beautiful physique can have difficulty finding jobs with responsibility.

They might be overlooked for certain tasks, even when they have the degree or experience required. In the eyes of certain people (men, it must be said!), a beautiful woman cannot be intelligent on top of her good looks – she must have some faults somewhere!

Equally, in love, a beautiful woman is often met with animosity. Certain partners are afraid of having too much competition and prefer not to try to engage with her – they’re scared of losing her at the expense of someone else. If beauty may be a gift, but it is important to know how to handle it!

The key here lies in the fulfillment of the self. In learning how to know yourself, you also learn how to distinguish the partners with whom you are compatible as well as those, by contrast, who consider you as a woman object whose best trait is her body.

For more on what makes you unique check out Step 3 of the Method.

I'm beautiful – but I have a brain!
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