Too beautiful to find love

While we talk constantly of the tyranny of beauty in society and all the misplaced importance placed on appearances, we often ignore the fact that beauty itself can be a handicap, especially when it comes to love. As Baudelaire put it, “It’s such a difficult occupation, being a beautiful woman.”

Many conventionally beautiful women complain about their good looks having an adverse effect on their lives. The impact of the physique when we meet someone (especially in a romantic situation) is undeniable, as the sociologist Jean-François Amadieu explains. “Our body, our face, our clothes and our general allure play an essential role in our destiny.” Our appearance, then, has a big influence on how we are perceived by others – but it’s not the only factor. Our general allure owes a lot to our way of being. To learn more about putting your best foot forward when meeting someone new, see the Basics of Seduction.

In sum, you attract people by what you give away about yourself. What Love Intelligence wants you to understand on this subject is that the most beautiful girl in the world will not attract the men that suit her if she neglects to nurture of her personality. Instead, she’ll end up attracting men who are principally interested in her physical appearance and not her interior qualities. By contrast, a woman who has a less impressive physique but a strong, well-rounded personality will find it much easier to meet men who know how to appreciate their true value. 

Fear of rejection

So why do mean avoid beautiful women? It’s certainly not because of a lack of interest on their part – far from it! It’s quite simply because they are afraid of getting rejected. This fear of being blown off triumphs over their desire to approach the most beautiful girl in the room.

Who knows, maybe she would have been delighted to engage the guy in conversation – but all too often men rule themselves out of the running on the principle that a beautiful woman has to already be in a couple – she’s surely waiting on her man (who’s just as gorgeous)!

Certain men fear that they’re not in the same league. Never forget that your beauty can in fact scare a man. Know how to make yourself accessible.

To find out about men intimidated by successful women read Women in Power.

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Beautiful women have no problem finding men

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Men can be intimidated by attractive women

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