Advantages of an Age Gap in a Couple

There are several advantages to being in a couple with someone who belongs to another generation. If you are the younger person in the couple you benefit from your partner’s maturity and life experience. This can be a great support in situations where your inexperience could otherwise lead you to mess up.

Meanwhile, the older partner would be wrong not to let themselves enjoy the energy, youth and liveliness of their other half. This isn’t to say that it is only the younger partner who is capable of proving their dynamic and vivacious side. Those “of a certain age” get an injection of energy and a quick brush-up on the latest trends! And not only will this give you a boost, but your friends as well. In the end, being constantly in the presence of someone who’s younger pushes us to take more care of our selves to make the difference in age less apparent, but also – and this is a big one – to remain pleasing and seductive to our other half. And it’s never a bad thing to give ourselves, our appearance and our physical form more attention!

Drawbacks of Age Gaps – and How to Deal with Them

According to sociologists, a new generation emerges every 5 years. In other words, it’s every 5 years that a notable, visible change occurs in Western society. However it’s every ten years or thereabouts, that habits and attitudes change among people living in the same country. The age gap, which is, as a general rule, above all a strength, can sometimes be a weakness.

It is hard to always be on the same page. One person’s maturity can clash with the other’s lack of experience. Experience comes up against incomprehension. Often “wisdom” can become embarrassing for the other partner, who finds that they don’t “get” what their partner is talking about. This incomprehension at the heart of the couple means that both partners aren’t even speaking the same language. For instance, the older partner might spend a lot of time agonizing over the consequences of a relationship with someone younger, while the latter might be solely concerned with living this love as intensely as possible, without spending too much time reflecting on the potential collateral damage involved.

The world is perpetually changing, and this change can seem harder to accept among those who are forty or older. Sometimes mindsets evolve faster among young people which can lead to disagreements. The younger party is often less inclined to respect tradition.

It is not always easy to get in sync with your partner when he or she is ten years younger and seems to never run out of steam. The younger party in the couple will want to go out regularly, go dancing, see a movie, eat in the nicest restaurants or to go on vacation to exciting, noisy locations… whereas the older party’s idea of a nice time might be something a little calmer (apart from maybe the first heady burst of the relationship). Clearly, we’re generalizing here – these are not rules by any stretch of the imagination – and they are also differences a lot of couples of the same age experience… though we must admit they seem to crop up less often.

The question of children is one that tends to creep up on people. You really must give this nonnegotiable aspect of your relationship some serious thought. A younger man with a partner who is nearing the onset of menopause for example needs to think about this. His partner might find herself unable to offer him the child that he wants. The lack of desire in one partner to have a child as they already have a child of their own is another big one. This is a  subject which can’t be neglected in a couple. It is at the beginning of a relationship, when you begin to feel that things could become serious, that you need to think about the kids question. Often the future of the couple depends on it.

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I could only ever go out with someone the same age as me – it keeps things simple!

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I think summer-winter relationships are possible, but they're a lot of work!

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