What should I think?

If your man is distant, ask yourself where it’s coming from, what are the causes?  Do you feel that you can get him back, or does the problem go deeper?

Check these 5 Damaging Myths about Men and Intimacy on Best of You Today to see if you've been caught up in common misconceptions!

Step 1 of Florence’s Love Intelligence Method allows one to find the deep-rooted origins of certain behaviors caused by our past, behaviors that can sometimes hamper our romantic relationships.

Step 2 will help you to take stock of your relationship – is this really the man for you? If you want to regain your other half, step 3, “How am I Unique?” will help you to unveil and shed light on your femininity so can charm anew.  Florence’s Method will help you to find the root of this distance so that you can become a happy couple again.

Katia’s testimonial (35 years old)

“I’ve been in a relationship for a little under two years, but my boyfriend isn’t the ‘showy’ type in love; he rarely says “I love you” and avoids tender gestures.  In the beginning of the relationship, I found this attitude perfectly normal, but after a year, I began to find it strange. 

I tried to talk about it with him more than once, but he went into a sulky silence that I found suspicious.  To save my relationship, which I felt was on shaky ground, I discovered Florence’s Love Intelligence Method.

Step 1 was fundamental for me because I realized that I was suffocating my partner because I was being too demanding…

I discovered that, in giving him more freedom and in being more understanding, he finally opened up to me and today, he’s much more attentive to me.

The problem, then, wasn’t really coming from him, but from me, and I never would have understood this without the Love Intelligence method. 

My attitude frustrated him and kept him from revealing his feelings.  I thus learned to manage my emotions to give my significant other a bit of room.”

Preconceived notions

"Men inevitably get bored in relationships"

What you probably think

"How can I get closer?"

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