Step 1 of the Love Intelligence Method

Luck has nothing to do with love – it is a question of Love Intelligence! Finding the man or woman of your life comes down to just 5 simple steps. We begin Step 1 by asking the question “Am I liberated from my past?”

Fall in love and stay in love : it’s all about letting yourself being surprised by love and moving forward with a light heart.

The first obstacle to doing so? It’s when we haven’t fully forgotten an ex or a relationship. Another big one is when we remain unliberated from a false belief that we’ve absorbed from either society or our family over a long time.

Secret No 1: Move forward in a relationship with a light heart. This is at the heart of the first step of the my Method. Take focus to free yourself from all that is getting in the way of your romantic fulfillment. By asking yourself the right questions, you can explore who and what influences your decisions, the influences you want to hold on to and the influences you want to leave behind to advance in your love life.

Preconceived notions

Fate controls my love life

What you're thinking

My family and exes have a big influence over my decisions and behavior

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