Living together is a lot different from dating. Indeed, when you are dating it is still easy to make sure to be at your best all the time you see each other. But when you live together you experience each other at your best, but also at your worst.

Given all those aspects, when is cohabiting a good idea?


-         When you’ve dated enough but are not yet ready for marriage

This may be the perfect solution to see how another person perceives you. You will learn develop skills such as patience and empathy so that when problems occur, and they will you can discuss them without arguing and find satisfactory compromises.


-         When you are emotionally mature but are currently healing from a previous relationship. That’s if you feel the need to connect firmly with someone. This commitment is much better than jumping into marriage and not as binding.


-         When going through a temporary but stressful situation together
sometimes, in life you go through stressful situations which are better handled together. For example, if you’re attending grad school, it is always good to have an emotionally supportive partner to go through the academic stress. Also, if you live in a cold place, having a warm body in bed with you is even better to make the cold nights warmer.


-         When you want to remain financially independent

This option is if you don’t want to take the risk of going through a divorce and having to pay money. Of course, there’s always the prenuptial agreement but it can create quite a lot of tension as your partner may feel that you’re not ready to share everything with them.


-         For older couples

Older couples often feel less incline to get married again. They are usually not willing to create another family, therefore it is easier for those people to cohabit


Preconceived notions

Cohabitation is a test for marriage

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Should we live together?

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