A recent study showed that in times of economical crisis, paradoxically, the dating industry tended to thrive. Why so? Well, being in a couple as opposed to being single makes you less worried about the future, but also, practically, reduces the costs of your everyday life such as rent, electricity, bills etc.

So is the couple a useful tool in times of crisis and a refuge from outside stress?


The couple: a universal value

Far from becoming an old fashioned concept, being in a relationship with someone still remains a safe bet, as has been proved by a European study on the European people’s behavior in times of crisis.

It seems that the couple represents a universally shared ideal, as much for the Italians as for the Germans or the French who are much less affected by the crisis. For 75% of Europeans being in a couple during the Recession is seen as advantageous.

The couple is a value that is attractive beyond borders and classes. Not only does being in a couple bring a financial advantage but having a partner also provides moral support as well as a feeling of security when we tend to be afraid about our future.

This opinion is even stronger when children are involved. Couples are of the belief that it is easier for two parents to support their children together, when the future is uncertain.


The consequences of the Recession on couples

However, the Recession does impact on the couples’s way of life: homemade dinners and evening with friends, strolls, cuddles and other free hobbies now replace theater nights and restaurants.

Moreover, half of Europeans remain realistic, admitting that the crisis is still hard to handle no matter what the situation in your love life.

Try to take advantage of this opportunity to get closer to each other and share activities at home (dinners, movies, games, books) in order to escape daily life’s problems.


Love as a shelter

During difficult times, our cozy cocoon is truly a shelter where we can forget our problems. Going through life’s difficulties as a couple, from sickness to trauma, makes you stronger. Love is such a powerful feeling that it gives more strength and confidence to both partners. Signs of affection and tenderness help you keep up with life; just like a regular sexual activity gives a good physical and mental health (this is scientifically proven). Love, solidarity and mutual assistance between the partners are safe choices that help them deal with this air of gloominess.

Preconceived notions

When money gets short a couple struggles

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The crisis is hard to handle

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