The Must-Have Values in a Couple

For a relationship to be healthy and long lasting there needs to be compatibility between the two people.

We are going to determine the must have qualities that are necessary in a compatible relationship. These are the keys for your relationship to last and be fulfilling.



The first necessary quality to have is honesty. This means you have to become emotionally intimate with your partner and share secrets that you don’t share with anyone else. Of course, a big question points out here “how honest should I be?” Well being honest implies judging what to reveal and what not to reveal, and not be rude or aggressive, just for the sake of telling a truth that will hurt someone.



This quality is very much related to trust and implies being there for one another and counting on each other in good moments that life gives you but also and especially when life puts obstacles on your path. Then, you can be sure your relationship will be on the path to success



For a healthy relationship, both partners must have a relatively high level of maturity or emotional development and need to consider not only their own point of view but also their partner’s. Both need to treat each other with respect.


Shared relationship goals

For any relationship to grow, both partners have to agree on which direction they want it to take. Your goals have to be the same. If you want a long term committed relationship, then you must find someone that wants the same. Many relationships come to an end because the two people involved can’t agree on their future together.


Good Communication

This is the key to the lifespan and quality of a relationship. Without communication, a relationship would simply fall apart. You can disagree on many things, what’s important is that you discuss your disagreements assertively.



Preconceived notions

If two people are in love they are compatible

What you're saying

How can I know if someone is compatible with me

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