5 signs he really loves you

In order to find out whether or not your partner is in love with you, you need to pay attention to the smallest details. Try and remember that women are generally more demonstrative than men and tend to show their true feelings more quickly. Men in love behave totally differently to women. They are more discreet, less overt. You need to be on the lookout for any word or movement that gives away the fact that he is in love with you.


Love Intelligence is here to guide you in the difficult task of distinguishing true love from brief blow ups of passion, with a list of 5 sure signs he is falling for you.


1) He does his best to make you feel happy and protected

If your partner goes out of his way to make you happy and look out for you, it’s a good start! Generally speaking, we try to please those who please us, and protect those we love. Another good sign is if he gets jealous around other men – jealousy is a precious tool in indicating a man’s interest. So that’s 2 items to observe meticulously anyway!


2) The look that says it all

Eyes don’t lie! They are so important in dating and seduction in that they reveal how your partner feels about you. It’s not too difficult to see what someone is feeling for you simply by observing the way they look at you. As French writer JB Antoine Suard put it: “Sincerity comes from the heart; and when it is not on the lips, it shows in the eyes.” By this token if you’re in the middle of having a drink on a terrace and your partner is paying attention to everything around you, it’s time you started asking questions…


3) He makes concessions and stays natural

Clearly, making concessions for someone is a powerful proof of love because nobody likes doing things for nothing! Human beings tend to act in anticipation of the favor we’ll get in return, so if he agrees to join you at whatever activity you know he isn’t fond of – whether that’s opera or a football match – to make you happy, it’s a sure sign that he has feelings for you. By contrast, if he never makes the effort to make you happy or share a special moment with you, the outlook may well be bleak. Generally, his attitude says a lot. If your boyfriend acts naturally and is at ease with you, there is a good chance that he feels good spending time with you and appreciates you.


4) He makes plans for the future

All signs of engagement are important and should be noted! If he projects himself into the future with you, then can only be good news! By making you part of his plans (weekends, vacations etc) over a fairly long term period he shows that he’s investing in your relationship and is envisaging a future with you. Even a weekend or vacation away is already a big clue that his feelings for you are strong.


5) He wants to introduce you to his friends and family

This fifth sign is very important ! A man who introduces you to his friends and family is half yours already! He thinks enough of you for you to meet the people who count the most for him. This is not insignificant - you should be flattered by this attention!


And Finally….

Be sure to ask yourself if all these doubts and areas of anxiety that you’re feeling don’t derive from a lack of confidence in yourself and in love. You might find it’s more important to try and open up and trust in your partner!



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