Love at first sight: cliché?

well well well…here we go again with the rom-com stereotypes! Leave them far, far behind you. A very high percentage of couples didn’t fall in love with one other at the same moment, let alone instantaneously. Falling in love can be a relatively long process. Love really means the feeling of wanting to share your life with someone you know intimately, someone very special to you. So, hate to break it to you, but love at first sight is an illusion and a myth. Attraction, on the other hand, is something that happens suddenly…but doesn’t necessarily last very long.

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Telling a man 'I love you'

Is it love...or attraction?

This is why we advise you to be wary of attraction, which is an emotion and a sensation, not a deep feeling. Our attractions sometimes lead us towards the wrong kind of people. Fortunately, this isn’t always the case, but it does happen. And, believe it or not, we sometimes end up being pleasantly surprised by the people we had never taken the time to consider before. Therefore, don’t expect that one day, by chance, you’ll meet someone fantastic and that you two will fall instantly and inseparably in love. This is not how reality works, at least once adolescence is over.  As an adult, you’ll feel attracted and very excited about someone.  You’ll first want to get to know him/her better, and then, without even noticing it, you’ll love this person and want to build something unique with him/her. This is no more rational and no less exciting than love at first sight -  it’s just the typical process of love coming into play.

Preconceived notions

'Real love hits you like a bolt of lightning!'

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'What's the difference between attraction and true love?'

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