'Attractiveness is mostly based on looks'

This one may be the most inaccurate. Some people are really good-looking according to commonly accepted standards of beauty, but nevertheless, they’re 100% single. On the other hand, some people who may possibly be considered physically unattractive are in very happy relationships.  Conclusion?  When you’re “beautiful”, people may be more easily and naturally attracted to you, but this attraction won’t turn into love if there’s nothing interesting and appealing behind the pretty face.

Askmen.com explains why so-called 'gorgeous' women date less than perfect-looking men

Express yourself

Of course think about what you wear, by which I mean try not to not wear  out-of-date or dirty clothing. But apart from this advice, wear whatever you want, express your personality through your clothing, your haircut or whatever else. Don’t rely uniquely on how good-looking you are or could be. Remember to reveal who you are, to share your motivations, fears and ambitions with others. That way you’ll come upon your Mr. or Mrs. Right, since he/she will fall for the person you are inside AND out.

Preconceived notions

'Being good-looking is the most attractive thing to a man/woman'

What you're thinking

'They're a knock out, but I don't feel anything deeper...'

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