Cliché number 1

This is the number one completely wrong commonly held belief about Love! Of course, chance has a big part to play when it comes to romantic relationships, BUT you can force the hand of destiny! By ‘forcing the hand of destiny’, we mean priming the pump so you can meet people you really click with and consequently quickly find your Mr. or Miss Right. To do so, you must be completely ready to take things into your own hands by following the 5 key steps to finally meet the right person for you. You have to understand that if you’re just waiting for Cupid to get interested in you and your single status, you run the risk of being very disappointed somewhere down the line. Love is not only for the lucky ones, but also for those who decide to move forward in their personal lives by being rational about Love (in other words, by understanding how to be smart and efficient in your search for love).

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Take action!

Don’t be passive when your love life is at stake! Take some time to think about your previous relationships, what you really expect from your partner, the ingredients needed to make love last …etc. Make the changes you want in your romantic life. It’s now up to you to spice it up by making small changes in the way you approach people.

So don’t waste anymore time waiting – take matters into your own hands!

Preconceived notions

'Love is magical - it just happens!'

What you're saying

'I'm still waiting for Mr. Right!'

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