What is seduction?

Above all else, seduction is a message of well-being addressed to the world at large and to no one in particular.  Our powers of seduction stem ultimately from our way of looking at the world and reveal that we’re conscious of our strong points: it is here that ‘self-confidence’ is born.  Self-confidence is the key to a healthy, balanced relationship, and inspires in others the confidence we feel in ourselves. 

Here is one of the three fundamental ways that will help you to become aware of your value and to increase your potential to charm:

Improve your self-esteem and self-confidence

The notions of self-esteem and self-confidence are similar but different, and in fact have stirred up some academic debate.  According to Rogers, self-esteem represents the collection of feelings we hold in regard to ourselves, be they positive or negative.  Self-esteem involves weighing ourselves up, taking a look at ourselves and assessing our capabilities and value.  It is not static, since the person in question may evolve according to their changing reality and context.

Self-confidence refers more to a sense of security.  It is not innate, and is acquired over time.  Self-confidence and self-esteem are of course linked, since the more of each one has, the more the other is strengthened.  However, some people can hold high opinions of themselves but still lack confidence, perhaps with friends or in the workplace.

Step 3 of the Love Intelligence method is designed precisely to help you figure out what’s most attractive about you. 


To find out more, check out this article on self esteem by the Mayo Clinic

Preconceived notions

'Seducing someone is all about acting sexy'

What you're thinking

'I lack self-confidence...'

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