the long term

After months, years, or even decades of being together…how can you keep the initial passion of a relationship alive?  How can you make the love last? 

One of the hardest parts about making a long term relationship work is escaping the daily grind.  It’s all too easy to let you and your partner sink into a mind-numbing routine, one that drains the relationship of its initial passion.  Also, what once surprised and attracted us about our partner may now seem predictable and unexciting…In the face of routine and banality, what is a couple to do?

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5 ways to get the magic back

What might have originally drawn us to our current partners – their kindness, their athleticism, their creativity – may, over the years, cease to work the wonders it once did.  Our partners, like ourselves, change over time, an evolution which is only natural and healthy!  What’s important is our willingness to stay close to our partner and the commitment to nourish the relationship.

A smile works wonders

There are a few tricks that any couple can use to rekindle the initial magic of a relationship.  Taking a second to smile or make your partner laugh can really dissipate daily stress and ease the natural tension that comes with living together.  Also, try not to let the little things get to you.  Your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend is only human, so if every once in a while they’re late or forget to pick up dinner, relax, and remember the big picture.

Preconceived notions

'Love never lasts forever'

What you're thinking

'My relationship's gotten!'

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