Is my other half out there?

The idea that each of us has a soul mate goes back as far as Plato.  Many have long believed that each person has their other half that they were tragically torn away from.  Without this part of us, we feel incomplete and lonely, and spend the better part of our lives looking for the person we think can bring us fulfillment - that special someone.  Often, the search remains fruitless. 

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Myth or reality?

However, we at Love Intelligence aren’t great believers in ‘soul mates’ – or at least, we don’t believe that there’s only one perfect person for us out there.  So don’t limit yourself to dreaming about just one man or woman! And if your relationship isn’t working out, don’t think it’s because he or she ‘isn’t the one’ – instead, orient yourself towards the 5 most common stumbling blocks that have come up again and again during our coaching sessions.  If you tackle these obstacles and remove them from your life, you’re sure to find a person you can build a fulfilling long-term relationship with.

Preconceived notions

'There's only one perfect person out there for me'

What you're thinking

'I'll never find my soul mate'

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