Single ladies

Some people are truly afraid of solitude.  They think that they’ll be unhappy and that they need someone in their life.  Others are quite suited to being single, but because of their social status or (sometimes imperceptible) pressure from their family, they convince themselves that they have to be in a relationship. 


Stay or go?

Still others prefer to stay with a partner, even if they don’t make them happy anymore, for fear of loneliness.   When we leave someone, we know what we’re losing – but it’s difficult to know what we’ll find after.  Be careful with this kind of reasoning: our motto at Love Intelligence is that love exists to make us happy.   


Read Dr. Margaret Paul’s article on What Your Fear of Loneliness Is Really About in The Huffington Post.

If you’re in a relationship, ask yourself if you still get even a drop of satisfaction from sharing your life with your current significant other.  Unless you’re totally hooked on the person, think for a moment and ask yourself the right question: Would I be happier alone, after all?  Do I manage to feel balanced in the life I share with him or her?  Am I doing everything on my end to achieve this balance?

As for you singles out there: maybe you’ve recently been given the boot by an ex.  See this recent change of status as a stroke of luck that life has given you, and face the problem head on.  So, why not understand who can make you happy in love.  Don’t waste any more time with people that can’t truly fulfull you.   

LEARN HOW TO BE HAPPY ON YOUR OWN! This is the way to acquire the tools to live life as a couple, since your expectations will become more constructive.

Where to go out?

Do you really know yourself?

In order to be ready to welcome someone into your life, you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket, so to speak.  At the end of the day, you are the only person you should count on.  You must kick off an introspective process, meaning that it may be better for a period of time to focus on yourself, instead of putting your energy into looking for the perfect partner.  Like Florence Escaravage, creator of Love Intelligence and of the Love Intelligence method, always tells her clients, you must understand what makes you unique, and what therefore comprises your individual worth.  Once you understand what makes you a true individual, unique and apart, you’ll have taken the first step in attracting the people who are right for you in every aspect of your life.  Everything is explained in the booklets.  No one person can be the only source of your happiness, since happiness is not a reaction aroused by an exterior person, but by your own state of mind.

Preconceived notions

"It's always better to be in a relationship than to be single"

What you're saying

"I don't know if I'm really happy in my relationship..."

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