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Have you had enough of going to dinner with your friends, all of whom are in relationships?  Do you never meet anyone new?  Is everyone already taken?  Well, don’t panic – the Love Intelligence method guides you by giving you ideas on how to increase your chances of meeting singles, according to YOUR environment and YOUR wishes.  You open up about what you like, and with the help of the question-answer section, you’ll understand where and how to meet the people made for you! 

See what’s out there:  25 places to meet people…on Essortement


Looking up nice places and events where you’re likely to meet promising people isn’t the most important thing.  Step 4 of the Love Intelligence method gives you in detail all the possible places, activities and ideas for meeting promising people, without being outrageously obvious about your singleness.  

1) Meeting friends of friends: the right plan?

Yes, let your friends do the work of finding you someone once in a while!  Friends of friends can be a great way to meet people that you have a good chance of hitting it off with!


2) Singles events – how should I feel about them?

There are millions of them!  Take it or leave it.  The clearer it is that it’s going to be a ‘singles night’, the less the atmosphere will be relaxed.  Speed-dating is passé.  Cultural outings attract far too many women and not enough men…in short, there are better ways of meeting people, and that’s what step 4 of the method explains:  In line with your own life and your activities, there is many an opportunity to be had.  The method also explains the kind of state of mind to adopt in order to encourage exchange and openness. 

Whether it’s in a professional setting, outings among friends, or trips, there are ways of multiplying your chances of meeting someone by 100 (without using a dating website!)


The method is made to give you ideas on how to meet people, and you really don’t have any excuse not to do exactly that!


In a time when the internet is paramount, not everyone is ready to chat or sign up for a dating website (we nevertheless recommend in the method those that are reliable and that don’t provide fake profiles!)

To have a night or an afternoon out and to have a nice time without being too obvious about your intentions, see step 4.


Starting now, you have the keys to meet great new single people!  The ball’s in your court now!  Step 4 of the Love Intelligence method will also guide you in targeting good opportunities and avoiding bad choices.  “Better alone than in a bad relationship” as the saying goes, so it’s up to you to recognize the people who are made for you and how to get them interested.


Preconceived notions

"Bars and clubs are great places to meet people"

What you're thinking

"I'm sick of being single, but I don't know what to do about it!"

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