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You’re on your own and unhappy, you’ve had enough of being single and of living your life solo – so it’s time to take matters into your own hands.  In order to do this, you must take the bull by the horns and confront your potential shyness. Dare to face up to your loneliness or your fear of love by taking some simple steps to saying goodbye to the single life forever!


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It's NOT fate

Being single isn’t a question of destiny.  You must do one of the following things, according to your situation:  Either improve your self confidence, if it’s lacking, or make yourself more available to promising people. In other words, put yourself in the right state of mind so that something happens when you’re with someone who you might possibly be attracted to…

Relationships don’t fall from the sky!  So don’t just sit on the couch waiting for your future to unfold.  If you do, woe betide you, nothing will happen and you’ll spend another year single!

Fortunately, to help you in the process, the Love Intelligence method is there to help you take the first step: that which helps you to have those realizations that move you forward !

You want to be happy in love, meet the person that’s right for you, and do what’s necessary: the 4th step of the Love Intelligence method, “How to meet, recognize and interest the people that are made for me”, gives you the keys that will allow you have the kind of interactions that will lead to real love, all the while avoiding fruitless relationships as much as possible!

You must learn who you’re compatible with, all the while staying open to new encounters so you don’t miss out on great opportunities!  You must have the right level of expectations and know which values and qualities are important to you that your partner should have!

Learn how to charm while staying 100% yourself thanks to the Love Intelligence method!  The single life will be history, and you’ll finally be fulfilled in love.

In order to open up to others, the Love Intelligence method will give you precious advice as well as self-directed written exercises so that  you can progress, at your own pace, in your search for happiness in love!

Preconceived notions

"Being single is a choice!"

What you're saying

"I've had enough of being single"

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