I’m afraid of love

Fear of love after a series of romantic disillusionments is understandable.  However, as Serge Gainsbourg said, “Life isn’t worth living without love.”   Why?  Because it’s thanks to this that we feel good, fulfilled and cherished.

Coaching sessions…

I met people during my coaching sessions that told me, “I don’t want to love anymore, it’s too painful, I’ve suffered too much because of love!”  Their relationships often finish in the same way:  their partner leaves them and cuts off contact, and therefore…they don’t want to get involved romantically with anyone again only to suffer like they did in the past.  Nevertheless, if these same people are seeing a love coach, it’s also to understand this rejection of love in order to move forward and reconstruct themselves so that they may one day want to love again.


Need some inspiration?  Fall in love with these romantic poems on Love Soup

The Love Intelligence method was created for singles and especially those who have gone through failed relationships and don’t believe in love anymore!  This method allows you to recreate yourself while at the same time taking action.  You have to enjoy life without necessarily anticipating what comes next.  You should make the most of the present, those little moments of happiness that make it worth it to live life to the fullest.

Step 1, “Am I liberated from my past?” will help you understand what, from your past love life, is blocking and holding you back, romance-wise.  This will help you to be able to move forward in peace through regaining confidence in love!  

In the same way that protecting yourself from potential failures is only human, being overprotective by avoiding experiencing romantic encounters is useless, and it keeps you from leading a fulfilling love life.  Each person is unique, and therefore you cannot relive the exact same bad experiences as you had in the past.  You must learn how to love again, slowly but surely – and the 5 steps of the Love Intelligence method are there to guide you step by step.

Preconceived notions

"You cannot love if you've suffered too much in the past"

What you're saying

"I don't want to love anymore"

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