Single parent

You’re 40 years old, you’re single, no children, and your deepest desire is precisely to have your turn at becoming a mom.  We encounter this kind of case every day at Love Intelligence, and our job is to help you find the right person, especially even when you’re getting the ball rolling on your own side to “have a baby all on your own” or to adopt.  Indeed, you’re in THE period where you must make up your mind, without, however, rushing yourself, since this isn’t a decision to be taken lightly – a child is a lifelong commitment!  What’s more, having a child alone isn’t a little thing! This is why so many women come to see us: They still want to give themselves the best chance at meeting someone, and not to forgo a father for their baby.  If in almost all cases these forty-something women find love, it’s for one single reason: because they decided to.  They had this realization that led them to listen attentively to my advice on the notion of openness and being welcoming, and inevitably, something happens in the months that follow.  Reading the 5 steps of the method is already a very good start and can be enough for some.  Others prefer to complete the process by coming to see me at least once or twice. 


Want some more practical info on raising a child?  Check out the hit website The Bump for all the facts and advice you'll ever need on pregnancy and child-rearing

Alone or with a partner?

- If you want to hurry up and meet that special someone so that you can start a family, the Love Intelligence method can help you, since it’s all a question of realizations: realizations linked to your open-mindedness, to your capacity to create a bond, to letting yourself be surprised, to engaging easily in intimacy….it’s like a plan of action, in 5 steps, where you learn in your environment and your daily life how to recognize the men who are made for you. 

- If, on the contrary, you’re living alone and that suits you, and you don’t want to get involved in a romantic relationship but you still want to have a child: what then?  You’ve thought long and hard about the consequences, and you’re ready to try artificial insemination or adoption.  It’s up to you to decide what’s best for you with regards to your health, your views on adoption, your confidence in yourself, and of course, with the choice that you will be most comfortable with.  Artificial insemination is a completely painless technique, but the decision to carry it out is one that you should think carefully about.  The main risks of artificial insemination are: multiple pregnancies (20% of pregnancies are twins).      

Many women around the age of 40 despair of finding a serious relationship.  Now, the Love Intelligence method was created precisely for singles who didn’t believe in love anymore.  Step one, “Am I liberated from my past?” will help you put your past relationships behind you, and therefore help you move forward, to finally meet promising people, and especially, to meet theright people! In all of the following steps, you will start taking action.  

The method isn’t a miracle worker, but it has a strong point: putting your love life in order, so that it can quickly surprise you again.  Tell yourself that it is possible to stop wasting time and quickly find a man that will make you happy in the long run!  Learn how to spot men that also want to start a family!  

Preconceived notions

"You have to be in a relationship to have a child"

What you're saying

"I want a child but I'm single!"

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