Where is the love?

How can you tell if the love is still there? You’ve been in a relationship for a while, and you’re starting to doubt your feelings for your partner.  Is this normal?  Does this have to be the end of your relationship?  Not necessarily, because, in the same way that it is healthy to ask yourself some questions, it is also healthy to take stock of your past romantic encounters, and to have doubts!  Doubts are strong signs: you’re in the process of changing, evolving, and it’s necessary to examine your relationships.  If you don’t know who can make you happy, step 2 will guide you in helping you recognize the people that are made for you!  We will all sooner or later experience this trial of doubt in our relationships.  Questioning ourselves on the nature or progress of our relationship seems more than legitimate…to be sure: keep going (and do everything to make it work)…or stop there!

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Talk about it

The first thing to do is to deepen the channels of communication with your partner.  Many of our coaching clients that are going through relationship problems highlight the almost total disappearance of communication between both members of the couple. It’s one of the first causes of distancing, and thus of separation: lack of communication.  Many people don’t dare to speak freely to the person with whom they’re living: “that could hurt them”; “I’m having doubts about how I feel about them” “How can I say it so they don’t take it badly?”

Honesty is essential in a couple.  It’s therefore best to trust your partner and tell them what’s in your heart, rather than waiting days or years in a state of dissatisfaction.   The more you wait, the less chance you’ll have to make the relationship right, since you will have accumulated too much resentment.

The Love Intelligence method, through step 5, "How can I build a long-lasting relationship?” will permit you to ask yourself the right questions to find out if - yes or no - you’re still in love with your partner.  

Take a break to test your feelings

In the case of a communication failure, here’s one solution: take a break.  A temporary separation will let you discover the current state of your feelings.  It’s a fairly radical solution, but effective, because it backs you into a corner and forces you to deal with the situation. 

Rebuilding the relationship

If you feel that you’re still in love with your partner, it’s up to you to work on it, to rekindle the little flame that was in the processing of flickering out.  The Love Intelligence method can help you to reconstruct solid bases for your couple, to make strong bonds and to reestablish intimacy between you two.

Preconceived notions

"Love never lasts forever"

What you're saying

"I don't know if I'm still in love"

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