Too rushed in love?

When it comes to love, impatience is one of the most powerful factors for ruining a relationship.  Where does this impatience come from, what kind of impatience does so much harm in a relationship, and how can we tone it down? 


5 tips on taking it slow on Gal Time

Impatience in love: a nasty flaw!

Impatience in love is a very nasty flaw that can transform life as a couple into a living hell!  It can get so bad that your other half runs for the hills!  If you’re impatient in love, you must control yourself by understanding one of my favorite lines, “we cannot love someone we do not know.”  Indeed, people are generally impatient for their relationship to take shape – you want to see your boyfriend/girlfriend as much as possible, you want to plan evenings, weekends or vacations together, etc…

Some people want to know right from the beginning if the person they’re with is the right one for them. But, on the contrary, when in a relationship, you have to know how to give it some time.  Put all of your energy into the quality of the bond established between you and your partner, (in other words, try to get to know them better).

Learn patience from impatience, since, “capricious impatience ruins the greatest plans” (Confucius). 

Risks of rushing

If you find yourself rushing your budding relationship, you risk disappointment in the very near future.  Impatience smothers love, since the other person doesn’t feel that they’re allowed to go at their own pace.  They also feel taken over.  In short, impatience in love leads to big mistakes!  You need to be introspective in order to understand the choices you make while in a calm state of mind!  You must live more fully in the present, without wanting to force the relationship at all costs!  You must live every second as if it were your last! 

The Love Intelligence method will help you to overcome your impatience in relationships by giving you more room for self-reflection and by having you question your values so that you meet the right people and are no longer disappointed in love.  

Impatience in love is a symptom that can really prevent a good relationship from moving forward…You must therefore, especially with the help of step 1, free yourself from this flaw so you can finally have a fulfilling relationship.  The next steps will help you construct a healthy relationship.

By dint of all your past relations, are you only having encounters that end before they’ve even started?  You’ve had enough of this lack of clarity, this tendency to hurry things…the Love Intelligence method is made for you! Don’t let impatience ruin your life any longer! 

Preconceived notions

"The more I see my boyfriend/girlfriend, the stronger our relationship becomes"

What you're saying

"I'm sick of rushing my relationships!"

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