What does it mean?

Some people have trouble building a romantic relationship…why?  Because they get involved, and the fling takes off at lightning speed.  They’ve fallen for someone, a ‘love at first sight’, and they know in their heart of hearts that it can’t last.  So, why not make the most of it while it’s still good?  But these intense relationships, precisely because they’re going too fast, often end as quickly as they start.  Each person has a different notion of what’s “too fast”, according to our past experiences and love affairs.  If we’ve spent many long months single, why deprive ourselves of a romantic experience when it comes at last?

See Marie Claire's 4 Ways to Avoid Getting in too Deep in a Relationship to see if you're making these mistakes...


Why this leads to trouble:

The reasons are simple:

1. You must take the time to get to know someone to appreciate their value.  When we ‘take them in’ too fast, we lose out on many aspects of their personality, and we don’t see them as they really are.

2. A relationship that’s going too fast is, after a few weeks or a month, 90% of the time too suffocating for one of the two partners.  

3. Above all, don’t make the mistake of living cloistered up, totally self-sufficient, and thus cut off from the world.

Conclusion: A relationship that starts off slow has more chances of succeeding.

The Love Intelligence method will help you, especially with step 5, “How can I build a relationship that lasts?”, to build strong ties, without for all that going too fast and suffocating your partner.  This kind of rushed relationship can sometimes lead to doubts about our ability to have long term relationships, and especially our capacity to be in love in the long-run.  So don’t waste time believing that the only thing that counts is meeting the right person.  One must also understand certain things about themself and their choices in order to turn their love life around.

Preconceived notions

"Passionate love never lasts"

What you're saying

"I feel so in love, but I know this won't be forever..."

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