Throes of change

Over the course of the twentieth century, a revolution occurred in romantic encounters.  With the skyrocketing numbers of divorce and separations, single-parent families are more and more numerous.  Indeed, marriage is not an end in itself as was the case in the old days,  and singles have become more and more demanding, taking up the famous adage, “better to be alone than in a bad relationship!”

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How can I find someone?

As it happens, the majority of single people today prefer living alone.  They aren’t ready anymore to accept any old person just because they’re single.  Better to be alone than in a bad relationship!  There is also a general refusal to live a marriage that’s “a lie”, or, in other words, to stay with your husband or wife just because you’re married.  This is no longer a good enough reason. 

 The Love Intelligence method helps current singles find someone they fit with: a certain romantic compatibility is indispensable for a relationship to last in the long run.  But our vision is often clouded. The method gives you the keys to recognize, with regards to your personality, the people that are really made for you! It’s the heart of step 2 (and of step 4, to know where and how to meet them!)  


Nowadays, we have short relationships more and more often than before, but more solid ones, also.  Step 2 will help you to target your partners with regards to your expectations and your capacity to be happy with this kind of person.  If you’re truly looking for a serious relationship, you should think about joining dating sites which pair you up with people with similar interests. 

In a world invaded by consumerism and materialism, it isn’t always easy to avoid being taken in by clever people that hide their personality and that are, in the end, very different from those that are able to make us happy in the long run.  It’s sometimes impossible to find them and to know which type of man or woman is made for us.  The Love Intelligence method, through five key steps, guides you in finding a partner whose true personality matches yours.  In this way, it will guide you or teach you anew how to meet promising people. 


Step 1, “How can I liberate myself from my past?” helps you to take stock of your past experiences so that you don’t make the same mistakes!

Preconceived notions

"After a certain age, a woman really should get married!"

What you're thinking

"Better alone than in a bad relationship!"

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