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How can I make him or her fall madly in love?

How can you surpass those first weeks or months when you’re in the beginning of a relationship?  What are the right attitudes to have from the start in order to build a solid basis for your relationship?   


How are you unique?

Step 3 of the Love Intelligence method, “In what ways am I unique?” will reveal how to use your charm and all of your femininity/masculinity so that you can begin a long-term relationship.  

Be yourself and stay natural.  It’s useless to try and pass yourself off as someone you’re really not.  This is a mistake most often made by women, who like to create a certain personality for themselves when trying to appear attractive: it works for a few weeks, and then the relationship peters out, since the woman only wanted to highlight certain facets of her personality that weren’t truly representative.  The result?  She doesn’t connect with the other person in a meaningful way.  And in the end, the man doesn’t fall truly in love.  If you want to keep the relationship going, you must understand what it means “to unveil what makes me unique” (step 3), precisely so that you can reach that deep connection!  

Step five of the Love Intelligence method, “How to build a long-term relationship,” will guide you, step by step, in creating a healthy, sincere and long-lasting relationship.  

First of all, you must learn to understand him or her and not have too many expectations at the beginning of the relationship.  Exaggerated expectations are frightening.  One should absolutely not make a project out of trying to change him or her: “I wish you were a bit more like this…” If you do, you’re heading into a catastrophy.  In other words, let them breath!  Mystery is a key element in the beginning of a relationship, and it’s one of the aspects one should use to seduce.  But it especially involves establishing the right distance to take, and an attitude where you reveal yourself in a subtle way.  Being mysterious to make him or her fall madly in love is indeed an art – which we explain in step 4.    

If you’re a woman, stay a free and independent woman! Go out with your friends, see your family, but don’t isolate yourself on the pretext that you’re now in a relationship! It’s such a frequent error!

Admire and support them in their plans!  Try for intimacy, that is, those moments where each person tries to understand the singularity and specificities of the other.

Reveal yourself to create intimacy - this is the cement of a happy couple!  (Read step 5: “How can I create a relationship that lasts?”)  If you follow these tips to the letter, you’ll have a real chance of keeping your man or woman in the long run, if you want! 

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