I love him...now what?

You’re madly in love, but here’s the hitch in the story, (it’s a pretty big one): The man is married or in a relationship. A question’s been haunting you more and more: should I break it off or keep going?  The Love Intelligence method will help you see things more clearly.  The first step, “How can I liberate myself from my past?” will help you make the best choice for you.  

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Seducing anew

“He’s going to leave his wife, that’s why I’m sticking around”

You’re one hundred percent sure he’s the one for you!  You’re waiting for him because he promised you he was going to leave his wife, but it’s too early.  But do you really believe it?  How long have you been waiting? Watch out: in love, we can’t control everything, and many men promise the moon to their extra-marital lovers!  Give him a deadline so that he can make his decision, but don’t wait forever, or else you’ll be in an uncomfortable situation and you’ll be very unhappy indeed!

See your situation clearly

There are two possible scenarios:

-He leaves his wife for you;

-He’ll have you running in circles, and in the end you’ll decide to leave him

In the first case, you need to stay on your guard, since this man must be fragile and may be psychologically upset; a breakup is always difficult to manage and to digest.

In the second case, you must learn how to overcome the break-up so that you can become involved with other people again.

Know how to manage the break-up

Ideally, once you’ve understood that the married man is never going to fit into your romantic plans, you need to break it off without getting yourself in even deeper, which will make you suffer more in the long run.  Leaving him makes you available to have a more fulfilling relationship, don’t forget!  And don’t think that you can seduce others while keeping a relationship alive with this man. It’s an illusion.  At Love Intelligence, we’ve seen a lot of cases of women who think they’re giving themselves the opportunity to meet other people, when in fact their heart is elsewhere, and thus their new encounters remain fruitless.  They aren’t open to new people, but they don’t know it.

Make the most of the situation to have fun and meet new people!  Take care of yourself, (get your hair done, do your makeup, make yourself look nice), and take every opportunity to meet people.  Life is short -- learn how to make the most of it and “gather ye rosebuds while ye may” (Robert Herrick).

Preconceived notions

"Men never leave their wives"

What you're saying

"I'm tired of waiting for him"

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