In my opinion, Love is nothing if not passionate and intense

You’ve just told me that, for you, love must be passionate and intense, if nothing else! You want to understand…by doing this, you’ve taken the first step towards your romantic awakening!

I know this issue very well; it’s a question I’ve often encountered during my coaching sessions.  You’re starting to believe you’ll never find the ‘right’ person meant to make you happy, the one with whom passion will last forever.  You’re tired of relationships which get off to a great start, but that quickly peter out.  Do you know why we sometimes build up failed relationships without understanding why love disintegrates after a certain amount of time? It’s because inside of us there exist one or more questions, often poorly expressed, to which we don’t possess the answer.

 To move forward, you must have the answer to this fundamental question:

Do you know how to create the right kind of intimacy?  The kind that leads us to forge durable, intimate bonds in the long-term, the kind that makes the initial magic last?

The first date, it’s true, works off of attraction.  Relationships, however, run on intimacy.  But for a relationship to become anchored in the long term while keeping its intensity, you have to surpass attraction and establish intimacy!


Intimacy is a fundamental key to relationships, but it doesn’t come out of nowhere.  Intimacy can only develop if you and your partner have a certain number of values and ideas in common. And here’s the importance of knowing what, and especially who, can really make you happy!

Without knowing who can make you happy in the long run, you have nine chances out of ten of making the wrong choice, of not turning towards the people capable of bringing you this intensity, the intimacy you’re looking for so hard.  What’s more, once you have this answer in mind, everything changes for you:

  1. What you find attractive evolves (because you know what you’re looking for, you know better who you’re compatible with, and who you’re not compatible with!)
  2. Your way of entering into a relationship changes, as well as the way you make yourself open to certain relationships.       

Meeting people is all well and good, but meeting the RIGHT people is even better!  Don’t lose any more time with dead end relationships, find something real!

Trust me and let me guide you.

Preconceived notions

"If it's not passionate, it's not love!"

What you're thinking

"I don't think I'm going to find a passionate romance soon..."

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