The issues

How can you declare your ‘more-than-a-friend’ feelings for a pal without ruining your close friendship? What are the mistakes to avoid at all costs? The approach you choose will be decisive!


Telling a man 'I love you'

Stay natural!

To seduce your best friend while staying natural, what’s essential is to ask yourself if, to start, you’ve created an intimacy that would favor the process of falling in love?  Have you created a bridge between you two that means that “everything flows”? This is exactly the approach explained in the Love Intelligence method.  For example, step three of the Love Intelligence method, “How am I unique?”, will guide you in using your charm more strongly and more authentically.


Can friendship lead to romance? You bet!  See the Celebrity Couples that Started out as Friends on Celebuzz

In a very close friendship, the line between friendship and romantic love is often very thin…you must therefore adopt the right attitude so as not to lose your precious friendship!

The ideal way is to discreetly sound out your friend’s feelings towards you.  Do you know what s/he feels for you?  It’s a delicate business, because you want to make your friend your lover…so you need to go slowly!

Are you sure yourself of your feelings?  There’s a huge difference between getting along great with a friend and a romantic relationship.  The issues and the relations are not the same.

There’s a big risk, because you could lose your friendship over a simple fantasy or confused feelings.  You therefore need to ask yourself the right questions before throwing yourself into it: Have I really acted like myself around him/her? Have I shown him/her the most intimate part of my personality?    

If you don’t know how to respond to these questions, steps 3 and 4 of the method allow you to find your own answers.

Taking action

If you’re determined, it’s high time to show your friend that they’re more than a friend to you…now, it’s all about avoiding the ‘great declaration’ and causing trouble for your friend. You must create a moment of romantic epiphany. Letting your desire show through in your look will be always be more subtle than declaring yourself in one go! To help you realize what makes you so special and so lovable, step 3 of the Love Intelligence method will give you the keys to revealing your own, unique seductiveness.     

To make them understand, you can create a certain ambiguity, or let them know something’s up through a mutual friend – but avoid admitting your feelings in a direct way.

It’s up to you now to really think, together with the Love Intelligence method. You have all the cards in hand to take off and transform a great friendship into a sincere and deep romantic relationship.

Preconceived notions

"Never try a relationship with a never works out!"

What you're saying

"I'm attracted to my best friend, but I don't want to ruin our friendship..."

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